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14 December
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I am a sixteen year old girl who resides in corona, which is located in the beautiful Southern California. I live with my dad and a dog. Soon i will have my own kitten. His name will be Socrates. I am a junior in High School, and i do not hate school. I have a wonderful soon to be best friend Danielle, and i also have another friend Ryan, he's a funny kid. I like to go to shows, although i'm pretty much through with the "hxc-tuff-as-fuck-sxc-for-jesus-christ" scene. The people really need to get their heads out of their asses. I do enjoy the music though, just a few bands. My favorite band Ozma has been my favorite band since the 8th grade, and i have been blessed to have seen them at the glasshouse on december 06th, 2003. I am a big fan of indie rock // geek rock. Although i don't like rap music, Ludacris and Snoop Dog are quite talented, and most of their songs crack me up. I love to laugh. I like painting, but i am not very talented in that field. I like to dance and sing, but only by myself or when i'm with somebody i feel 110% comfortable with. I am in love with a person i have never spoken to, but who are you to tell me how to love someone. I come off as not the smartest person, but sit and talk to me for five hours, and your mind will be changed. I am a dreamer. I do believe that one day this world will be at peace.

your space? noo. MYSPACE.